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Voice Over Bloggers to Follow

Learn more about voice over by following these popular bloggers

Sometimes, the best way to learn about an industry is to learn from those working in the trenches.

Voice actors who write about their experiences. Both good and bad. What works and what doesn't. And what you should watch out for as your own journey unfolds.

It's helpful to learn from the perspectives of those who've been in the industry for a few decades. And others who've come to VO from other careers.

You'll find some very well-known and respected names here, as well as some up-and-comers who are well worth watching. We're all part of an informal voice over blogging consortium and most of us know each other fairly well.

Yes, I'm including a link at the end to my blog, too, since I'm a card-carrying member of this group. I'm a little different in that my blog also touches on life as a film/TV actor, since I work in the on-camera world about as much as I do in voice over.

There are also posts about business, customer service, and entrepreneurship, stuff I've gleaned running a voice over business and, before that, as a corporate IT sales exec.

Funny observations, too, because good-natured humor is part of my brand and I tend to see the ironic in life. Hey, I figure a little humor now and then goes a long way to bettering our lives.

You'll get to know some of my blogger friends through their posts. Several are coaches, others run highly regarded Facebook networking and learning groups, newsletters, and podcasts. They're just some of the super-nice folks who are genuinely happy to share advice and experience with other voice actors in our community.

Check them out! And enjoy.

Want to learn what it's REALLY like in voice over?
Read the blogs of those who've come before you.


Paul Strikwerda

Paul's name is synonymous with voiceover blogging. With over 40,000 subscribers around the world, he's a straight shooter, unafraid to call BS as he sees it and stir up controversy when and where he deems fit. And we all love him for it! Read & subscribe here.

J. Michael Collins

JMC is the uncrowned king of voice over. His name - and initials - are well-known throughout our industry for his first-rate work as a voice actor, coach, demo producer, and all around industry cheerleader. Read & subscribe here.

Kim Handysides

Kim is a longtime voice talent with a knack for well-researched articles that are not afraid to dive into the political arena and challenge the status quo. She has excellent material and a great mind to challenge your views and refine you. Read & subscribe here.

Joshua Alexander

Josh calls his blogs "edutainment" - and they certainly are! On point, interesting, and always downright funny. And, oh, he heads the VO blogging community. Read & subscribe here.

Michael Apollo Lira

Michael is an RN and brings a uniquely vulnerable and human perspective to his writings. Read & subscribe here.

Carrie Olsen

Carrie heads up the "Voiceover Start-Up with Carrie Olsen" group on Facebook and is coach and all-around source of encouragement. Read & subscribe here.

Jeffrey N. Baker

Jeffrey is a heart-on-his-sleeve blogger who shoots straight. Read & subscribe here.

Jon Gardner

Jon writes a humorous blog, inspiring and full of life, and always on point. Read & subscribe here.

Paul Stefano

Paul, along with Sean Daeley,maintains The VO Meter Podcast. His blogs are honest, friendly, and transparent. Read & subscribe here.

Paul Schmidt

Paul maintains "The Move, Touch, Inspire Newsletter" which truly lives up to its name. Read & subscribe here.

Billie Jo Konze

Billie Jo writes a lively blog based on her experiences in the VO community. Read & subscribe here.

Natasha Marchewka

Natasha runs the Freelancer's Blog, a great resource of thoughts, experience and lessons. Natasha helps the voiceover community through her partnership with Katherine Tole in the V123 Pro's program, hailed for helping voice talent maximize their Voice123 profiles and online marketplace performance. Read & subscribe here.

Tom Dheere

Tom is a highly trusted name in the VO industry, helping other voice talents navigate the voice over industry as the VO Strategist. He always has a lot to say about our industry. Read & subscribe here.

Ian Russell

Ian's blogs have an educational, insightful British flare, showing us just how much is possible in the VO realm. Through a joint effort with his wife Sandra, Ian focuses on helping people find creative ways to do business through personal experiences and insights. Read & subscribe here.

Sumara Meers

From the land Down Under, Aussie Sumara's blogs are full of humor and enthusiasm. Read & subscribe here.

Mike Christensen

Mike "The Voice Monkey" pens a blog that chronicles his journey in stream-of-consciousness style. Read & subscribe here.

Craig Williams

Craig's blog is honest, forthright, and occasionally salty, as the situation may dictate. Read & subscribe here.

Theresa C. Ho

Theresa is a new and honest blogger with a business background who has no qualms about tackling serious topics like diversity in voice over. Read & subscribe here.

Jessica Mathison

Jessica is a novel writer with a unique viewpoint that is literally moving, as she shares her travels of life and voice over on the road. Read & subscribe here.

Tyler Robbert

From the perspective of someone fairly new to voice over, Tyler writes very well-crafted and unique blogs that bring a colorful and energetic look at what we do. Read & subscribe here.

J.D. Gibson

A world traveler, J.D. writes from a business perspective, having worked years in IT in both the military and the corporate world.. Read & subscribe here.

Laura Doman

And here I am, bringing up the rear on this list! if you haven't already found my blog, you can Read & subscribe here.


Want to learn more about the business of voice over and what it's REALLY like? Read more about it here >

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I'm Laura Doman, a former tech industry sales executive, hands-on mom, voice & TV/film actress, and improv performer. I create memorable characters that tell my client's stories, from the friendly CEO touting new upgrades to your sassy best gal pal dispensing some necessary, real-world advice...Let's Talk!


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