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On Camera Actress

There's an old saying:
"51% Sweetheart, 49% Bitch. Don't push it."

While my real self is well within sweetheart range, I love to walk the fine line in film and TV. And when the role offers the opportunity, there’s nothing more fun than enthusiastically playing the villain. Especially one who wears a sweet, (mostly) harmless exterior.

Loving mom/grandma
Caring & dedicated professional
Quirky best friend

Cold, manipulative matriarch
Flawed authority figure
Deceptive, conflicted betrayer

Who doesn't love a sweet & sour mix?

I'm also a mom, avid vegetarian cook, gardening enthusiast, fitness freak, sci-fi lover, and adventurer at heart. And, once upon a time, an IT industry sales exec.I love acting on camera and behind the mic, and have accumulated credits in film, TV, commercials, and industrials. Improv and teleprompter? Love them! Nothing better than improv for letting my inner zaniness off its leash. And teleprompter work merges my twin passions for on-camera and voice acting into one. So many great ways to tell a story. Always a new adventure...

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