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Develop Your Executive Presence On Camera

Join me for the Platinum Resource Group's Friday coffee chat!

Are you uncomfortable in a Zoom room? Don’t know quite what to do or how to project an executive presence when you’re speaking to the camera for a marketing or internal video?

If you’d like to establish a strong, confident online presence, please join me and the Platinum Resource Group Friday, April 19 at 8 am PST/11 am EST.

We'll talk about how to build trust, credibility, and rapport with your audience, even when it's pre-recorded. (Hint: It’s all in how you speak, comport yourself, and make your viewers feel about you and your message!) 

Laura Doman is highlighted in an announcement as a speaker for an upcoming coffee chat about developing your executive presence on camera.
Do you have a particular question you'd like answered?
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Learn how become more effective on camera!

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I'm Laura Doman, a former tech industry sales executive, hands-on mom, voice & TV/film actress, and improv performer. I create memorable characters that tell my client's stories, from the friendly CEO touting new upgrades to your sassy best gal pal dispensing some necessary, real-world advice...Let's Talk!


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