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Medical Narration


Healthcare advice. Instructional guides. Medical journals. You’re looking for a voice that’s equal parts professional, trustworthy, and knowledgeable.

Your message is important. When you’re in the medical, pharmaceutical, or insurance industry, your products and services help keep the rest of us safe and healthy. Laura can help keep your listeners engaged.

Medical narration infused with authenticity. Complex vocabulary? No problem.

Which type of medical narration does your project need? The friendly, knowledgeable doctor advising patients to the possible side effects of their medication? The experienced pharmaceutical rep instructing the hospital staff how to use a new medical device or tool? Or perhaps the intelligent voice of a medical journal author describing in detail a new surgical procedure? Here’s your Rx: take two moments to gather your requirements and call Laura in the morning.

Laura makes house calls … sorta.

Medical narration delivered right to your computer, wherever you may be working. Fast turnarounds. No shots required.


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