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Grocery: Upbeat, Endorsing Mom
Retail: Enthusiastic, Fun-Loving
Auto: Adventurous, Slightly Naughty
Financial: Caring, Informative
Security: Persuasive, Protective



Laura’s sound is a perfect mix of professionalism and irreverent style.

She delivers precisely with conversational voice over that’s witty, stylish, and (just a bit) irreverent. Laura's voice is engaging and authentic, applying nuanced understanding of company needs to every brand message, commercial or product promo. She knows business, and you’ll know it when you work with her.

She loves projects with mischief, fun and a sense of disruption - no need to take everything seriously!

You want a voice that’s conversational, witty & sharp with style… AND you want it delivered with just the right amount of emotion. It should say “Definitely buy that,” with a light-handed delivery and an inviting tone. That voice is Laura - as your trusted colleague, your book-club friend, a neighborhood carpool mom, your family doctor, a friendly passenger - instantly connecting you with your target commercial audience.


Need a voice that truly connects?

Laura goes above & beyond, averaging 24-hr turnaround times with high-quality audio files delivered straight to your inbox.

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