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How to Create Great Content

Learn to stop the scroll!

Gone are the “Mad Men” days when marketing was all about advertising on billboards, in newspapers, and via flyers delivered to your mailbox. Now most marketing is done online through social media and user communities. Do you know how to leverage them to grab attention and draw business to your website?

Content Creation for Social Media

Work with me 1-on-1 to create great online content that attracts buyers!!


A young man wearing glasses, a white tshirt, and a red knit cap is surrounded by cameras thrust at him from all directions and is having a hard time choosing which he wants.
So many options! It can be quite confusing. How do you choose which will make the biggest impact?

I’ll show you how to pack a punch online with content that stands out

  • How to market your business in today’s digital and AI world.

  • How to stand out from your competition with unique content.

  • How to use different media for maximum impact.

  • How to draw the right audience to your website.

  • And how to tailor your content to pack the biggest punch on each social media channel.   

Get help with

  1. Understanding today’s social media landscape

  2. Planning your content strategy

  3. Creating great content that entertains as well as inform

Your future customers will only give a few seconds to decide if they’re interested in your product or services. Isn’t it time to stand out from the pack and stop their scroll?

Looking to improve? Work with me here:

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Everything you need to become more comfortable and charismatic on camera - for videos, Zoom presentations, and online appearances. We'll cover specific techniques gleaned from the entertainment world to have you speaking more conversationally and dynamically. Want to know how to shake off those pesky nerves? We'll share some surefire ways to relax both your mind and body. Or maybe you're worried about the tech aspect and how to create your own video recording space or what to expect when you work with a production team? No problem, we've got you covered there, too.

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I'm Laura Doman, Actor & Voice Artist, Coach of On Camera Confidence, and a former tech industry Sales Exec. I help business people shine on camera, using performance skills I've honed through years of corporate experience and on-camera appearances...More about me >>


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