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Shoutout Atlanta Interview

I'm not into the "humble brag." I'm just pleased as punch to be interviewed by a local online publication.

It's always nice when a colleague thinks to refer you as an interesting interview subject. Hats off to life coach Erin Newman for speaking on my behalf to Shoutout Atlanta! This is the second time in three years that they've run a story on my work - which has evolved, as these things do.

Editors are always looking for a story with a twist.

Our experiences are all different - and people like to learn from them.


Older, but not irrelevant!

What conventional advice would you disagree with? I didn't need long to think about it. It was the subject of one of my first conference speeches a few years back. Ageism is a bias that's fairly prevalent in our society and one that's rarely brought up in discussions about diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). The aging process doesn't distinguish between race, religion, or nationality. Some cultures still revere their elders, but many modern societies don't. Including ours.

An older woman with short white hair and wearing a jacket with a turned-up collar smiles broadly at the viewer.
Older, wiser, and very vibrant!

We all get older. And we all want to remain relevant. Respected. Acknowledged. And not shunted aside. As a woman of "a certain age," I have a few things to say about conventional advice that encourages retirement for older workers, especially those of us who still have some fire in our bellies ... and much to offer.

Corporate to Creative

There are many of us out there who have made the transition from a corporate career to creative or artistic pursuits. And even more people who'd like to do the same, perhaps while they're still young or while raising a family, or in their later, "downsized" years when they have more leisure time at hand. I shared my journey from IT corporate sales exec to full-time mom to actor/voiceover artist/business coach.

Does an acting career interest you? If so, I have an article that overviews the industry and how to get started the smart way (i.e. avoiding the scammers).

Don't let it get to their heads, but we can and do learn from our kids. Occasionally. 🤫

A couple embraces while standing on a bridge in Piedmont Park, overlooking a small lake and Midtown Atlanta.
Piedmont Park overlooking Midtown Atlanta

Welcome to Hotlanta!

Yeah, we call Atlanta that because it gets so darn hot and humid in the summer. But it's also a hot (as in "happening" - I know, an old term, but hey! I've earned it) place to be, with so much going on. Shoutout Atlanta wanted to know where I'd take a visitor - but who can choose just one place? So I named our top attractions and some favorite local spots, figuring there's something in there for everybody. If you're thinking about traveling to Atlanta sometime soon, check 'em out.

We can all learn from our kids

Lastly, I was invited to give a shoutout to someone who I thought deserved it. While she'll probably never, ever read this post or the ShoutOut article itself (I'd be very surprised if she did), I dedicated the interview to my teenage daughter Rachel. I have learned a few things from her. Like how I need to leave my beloved capris behind. Evidently, they reek of the 90's and belong squarely in the grandma pile. Hmmm. I'm not totally convinced of that, but I do have to give her credit for leading me into the entertainment world full-time. I had done some professional film, TV, and commercial work on the side long ago when I had my corporate career, but Rachel's interest in moving from the stage to the on-camera world relit that old fire, and I talk about it in the article.

... which just so happens to be available here:

I hope you enjoy it. ❤️

And if you live in the Atlanta area and have an interesting perspective on your industry, let me know if you'd like a referral! I'm always happy to "pay it forward. Just comment below or send me an email.

Want help developing your on-camera confidence?

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