Laura has real-world experience teaching tech customers & colleagues…

From explaining the technical concepts behind leading-edge software rollouts to teaching new customers how to apply this knowledge toward their business solutions, Laura’s handle on eLearning is solid. She’s been on the front lines, breathing life into corporate instruction and keeping listeners focused on the subject at hand, and she knows how important an entertaining presentation can be. You need an eLearning presenter who knows how to engage each teachable moment. You need Laura.

…and eLearning for adults and K-12 students.

K-12 distance education is sweeping the world, and it’s a marvelous vehicle for sharing knowledge and inspiring understanding. Entertaining lessons work wonders - especially when it comes to kids. Add Laura’s patient, motherly voice or her animated infusion of character sounds within a module, and you’ve got eLearning gold! Laura will bring to life inanimate objects and steer lessons toward success with a variety of fun character voices for both kids and adults.

Need to engage learners?

Laura provides top-notch service and professional voice overs that teach AND entertain, and she delivers on time + within your budget.