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Corporate Narration


Laura’s an experienced tech industry pro who knows what a truly great project sounds like.

Casual, warm and conversational? Or are you looking for more of an articulate, polished corporate style? Laura brings her unique, creative spirit to each read, and will dynamically enhance your company's intended message. Her work ethic is based on professionalism and clear communications, while her voice reflects the wholly human side of business.

Professional voice over narration for corporate projects both large & smalll...

Corporate Narration, eLearning, Explainer Videos, Telephony, Product Launches, Tutorials, Training Modules and more! You’re not looking for basic or boring, because your project deserves something extra. It deserves Laura's concise, relatable sound (and all those fabulous extras!).

Corporate Narration

Looking for more than a basic read?

That's Laura! She goes beyond basic service with fast response times and 24-hr turnarounds for most projects.