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Fast Food Worker: Snarky, NY
Witch: Fun-Loving, Snappish
Vampire: Welcoming
Vacuum Cleaner: Nasal, Eager
Talking Teaching Toy: Patient, Joyful



Laura knows a thing or two about developing unique characters.

She's a voice and TV/film actress who loves improv, and Laura finds inspiration everywhere! She creates interesting and in-depth characters - people you meet on the street, behind fast-food counters, across the breakfast table, or wandering through that world you've invented. You need a voice that marches to its own drummer, and Laura's got it.

Laura's holiday-themed animated voices are ready to meet you...

Monsters, legends, ghosts & goblins - oh my! Welcome to her imaginative soundscape, where archetypes run amok, tripping over fantastical creatures and modern-day heroes, hanging out with space monsters and swinging from fairy-beam rafters. Bring your ideas and Laura will add the magic, for a truly incredible character creation experience.


Are you feeling super lucky?

Laura checked her Magic 8 ball, and all signs point toward…fast delivery of high-quality voice over straight to your inbox.

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