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K12 eLearning

Learning should be fun!

Laura provides top-notch service and professional voice overs that teach AND entertain, and she delivers on time + within your budget.

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Engaging delivery for the littlest learners all the way through high school.

K-12 distance education is sweeping the world, and it’s a marvelous vehicle for sharing knowledge and inspiring understanding. Entertaining lessons work wonders - especially when it comes to kids - and they come in all sorts of forms: games, toys, interactive videos, and virtual reality.

Content is important, but so is delivery if you want to keep kids interested. Add Laura’s patient, motherly voice or her animated infusion of character sounds to your instructional content, and you’ve got eLearning gold! Inanimate objects are brought to life while fun character voices get children learning AND giggling. And those older kids? You'll keep their attention with lively delivery full of energy and good humor.

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