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10 Secrets of the Successful Online Speaker

Want to be a more effective online speaker? Here's a tip or 10 to keep your viewers hooked to your presentation.

It's hard enough as an in-person public speaker or presenter. You have to channel your enthusiasm for your subject into energizing the room, read your audience, and keep them engaged and interested in learning what you have to offer. Now take away the physical space and all the people you'd see face to face and replace it with a camera lens and a harsh red "recording" light. A bit daunting, isn't it? Even the best public speakers can have trouble adapting to talking into a void.

It doesn't have to be like that. I've pulled some top tips from my dual experience as a professional screen actor and former corporate sales exec. Here's what you need to do to create a dynamic online presence and keep your audience glued to their screens.

You’re going to be most effective on camera when you come across as genuine, relaxed, and easy to watch.


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Laura's Quick Tips

  1. Forget about being perfect! You're not going to be. Perfection is boring, anyways. Humanity is far more interesting.

  2. Practice makes perfect, but see tip #1 above. Go for comfort with your material, but don't let it or your performance become stale.

  3. Have fun and let your personality shine through. Relevant personal stories, humor, and images and short videos to introduce each new point add interest and variety to your material.

A positive mindset, preparation, and familiarity with your material and audience go a long way to helping you become a dynamic online speaker. Add in a few on-camera tricks ... and you're all set!

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Want help developing your on-camera confidence?

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I'm Laura Doman, a former tech industry sales executive, hands-on mom, voice & TV/film actress, and improv performer. I create memorable characters that tell my client's stories, from the friendly CEO touting new upgrades to your sassy best gal pal dispensing some necessary, real-world advice...Let's Talk!


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