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How to Speak On Camera Like a Pro

Learn the secrets of film and television acting

You don't have to be a professional actor if you want to know how to use the camera to your best advantage. Knowing something about it, though, can go a long way to help you relax and feel more confident when you are asked to speak in a video as a:

  • webinar guest

  • presenter

  • company spokesperson

  • panelist

  • online instructor

  • or featured speaker in a Zoom meeting.


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Want to learn how to speak on camera like a pro?

Download my top 10 tips to become more comfortable and effective on camera. As the title suggests, this guide will help you relax while showing you how to keep your viewers engaged with some pro dynamic delivery techniques.

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I'm Laura Doman, a former tech industry sales executive, hands-on mom, voice & TV/film actress, and improv performer. I create memorable characters that tell my client's stories, from the friendly CEO touting new upgrades to your sassy best gal pal dispensing some necessary, real-world advice...Let's Talk!


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