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Basic Breathing Techniques for Public Speakers

Nervous about speaking in public or for a video? Use some breath control!

Hmmm...could this be you?

  • Feeling anxious before going on camera.

  • Heart pounding a little too fast. Or loud.

  • Shortness of breath.

Yup. Any or all of these pretty much point to a bad case of the nerves. Totally understandable! Speaking in public is scary to most people and anxiety-inducing at one point or another for just about everyone. Talking to the camera is a close cousin to speaking in-person to an audience, so you're bound to feel uneasy there, too. Especially if you're unfamiliar with talking directly into a camera lens, with bright production lights and a microphone capturing every sight and sound.

Let’s talk about a few breathing exercises to get all that under control.

When you breathe correctly, the situation corrects itself and you feel more centered and calm.

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Laura's Quick Tips

  1. There's a reason why people will advise you to "take a deep breath!" before you attempt something a bit scary.

  2. Breath control allows you to better control your body's reaction to stress. Yup, that whole fight or flight thing.

  3. You can do any of these basic breathing exercises anywhere, anytime you need to.

Knowing how to control your breath, and using it to calm and center yourself, will serve you in just about any capacity, not just for public speaking. We all tend to breathe shallowly, except for when we know we need to steel ourselves to do something athletically-demanding. Knowing how to change our habits with slow, deep, and deliberate breaths can see us through new or scary situations. And bonus! Even help us to relax and get to sleep at night.

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