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How to Use Natural Light for Your Video

Shooting a video outside? Or inside, but want to use natural light?

Good Lighting, like great sound, is an absolute must when you're making a video. It doesn't matter how casual or produced your video will be - the subject has to be easily seen, with no overexposure due to overly bright lights or in dark shadows, either. Unless you're making a horror movie, I suppose. Or a story about some unsavory underworld figures.

Assuming that it's a straightforward video, here are some basic guidelines to follow, whether you're shooting inside or outdoors. If you're traveling without a professional crew or equipment, you need to know how to use what's available.

Good lighting is essential to making a video. The subject has to be easily seen. Nothing too bright or too dark. No lurking in shadows, either.


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Laura's Quick Tips

  1. Shooting outdoors? A cloudy, overcast day is best! (Assuming it's not raining.)

  2. Don't have the sun glaring directly into your camera lens.

  3. Inside, a natural window can cast most of the light you need ... as long as you can mitigate shadows.

  4. Use standing or desk lamps to illuminate your subject. Be careful of overhead lights, though. They can cast unattractive shadows on the subject's face.

You don't have to a Director of Photography or a professional videographer to know the basics. A simple understanding of lighting techniques and using what's around you is usually sufficient to creating a video that's well-lit and easy to watch.

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