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AI vs. Human - Who Will Rule the Talent Show?

Pros and Cons of AI on Linkedin Live on Tuesday, December 19, 2023 at 1pm EST

And … the match is on! AI vs. Human. AI's been the talk of 2023, especially for voice and on camera actors who wonder if they’ll soon be out of a job. Or seriously taken advantage of. (Cue the SAG-AFTRA actors strike.) 

The question on the other end for creatives, buyers, and their customers is … which is better? More cost effective? Easier to work with? And better quality overall? The results are what counts. Right?

Please join me as Gillian Whitney and I cover a lot of ground on AI vs. human talent in her LinkedIn Live broadcast.

Anything in particular you want to ask? Let me know in the comments below! See you … or your AI avatar 😆 … soon.

AI or human? Actor Laura Doman joins Gillian Whitney to discuss the pros and cons of AI vs. human talent on her LinkedIn Live broadcast on December 19, 2023 at 1pm EST.


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I'm Laura Doman, a former tech industry sales executive, hands-on mom, voice & TV/film actress, and improv performer. I create memorable characters that tell my client's stories, from the friendly CEO touting new upgrades to your sassy best gal pal dispensing some necessary, real-world advice...Let's Talk!


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