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6 Ways to Overcome Anxiety on Camera

Dealing with anxiety? Tackle your fears. Chances are pretty good they're not going to kill you.

Talking into a camera for a video can be downright scary if you haven't done it before. Where does all this anxiety come from? And how can you deal with it, so that you can shine like the pro you are? Knowing WHY you're having trouble doing something can go a long way in beginning to resolve it. Then you can start tackling it head-on.

Here are my 6 favorite tips for overcoming anxiety, whether you're talking to the camera, speaking in public for the first time, or just trying something new.

"The main reason that you’re nervous or anxious about speaking on camera is fear. Fear of embarrassment, fear of failure, fear of making mistakes."


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Laura's Quick Tips

  1. Understand your fear and decide to take control over it

  2. Put your fears in perspective – chances are they’re not going to kill you

  3. Be patient with yourself – learning to do anything new takes time

  4. Relax! – breathe & stretch before going on camera

  5. Practice on your phone to become more experienced on camera

Worst comes to worst, know that you can always edit out your mistakes in post-production. In the meantime, find the fun in what you’re doing. Even if it’s treating yourself to something special when it’s all over!

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