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MOMisms: Fun-Sized Videos

Showcase your creativity in bite-sized video shorts

Looking to expand your social media network? Pack a punch in 10 seconds or less with a quick message. Bonus points if you're providing a useful tip or a bit of good-natured humor.

Attention spans are SHORT ... so give 'em content to match. It's more likely that way that they'll watch all the way through, especially if the video is less than 15 seconds. Yes, 15 seconds! While short videos are defined as anything less than a minute, it has become a race to extreme brevity. Want to be remembered? Do it upfront in the first few seconds.

Want more eyeballs on your content? Engage the senses ... and be entertaining.

Take a tip from the comedians

Comedians know how to get to the point ... and how long their audiences will stick with them until they do. They also know that the punch line is what everyone's waiting for, even if it's just a sight gag.

Know precisely what you want to offer and then serve it up to your audience on a platter. Serious content or purely for fun ... deliver it upfront in unconventional or unexpected style. More bonus points if you can make it entertaining.

Video takes front and center

Know those image posts with wise, popular, or humorous sayings? They've been all over Facebook, Instagram, and even LinkedIn for years. Even earlier, you've probably seen them as "quote of the day" desktop calendars. You may have even had one or two at some point. They were one of the first things that early content providers wrangled into posts to boost engagement and visibility.

But everything is digital nowadays and video is king. And short videos are trending. Big-time. Furthermore, videos, especially short videos, are promoted by YouTube and searchable by Google. So ... if you have something to say – and want to be memorable – create these video shorts that are attention-getting and entertaining. And use keywords so that they can be more easily found!

"I'm discovering that they (short videos) attract many, many more viewers than any other type of video I'm posting."

50 shades of mom

This is what my YouTube short video series MOMisms is all about. Instead of adapting quotes of the day, I'm bringing to life those humorous, pithy quips and snarky observations that adorn countless cocktail napkins, kitchen towels, and greeting cards that you find in all sorts of gift shops. I’ve been collecting these little gems for a few years now (usually while on vacation), and in the past few months, have begun producing fun super-short videos and rolling them out on a weekly basis.

Each video is only about 5-10 seconds long and showcases one of the many faces of mom: loving, wry, skeptical, concerned, annoyed … the list goes on and on, just like in real life. 50 shades of mom ... and counting.

And guess what? I'm discovering that they attract many, many more viewers than any other type of video I'm posting.

Here’s a sample:

Want to see some more? They’re all on YouTube, along with my other long and short video series. If they put a smile on your face, consider subscribing. You'll be notified as each new one becomes available. And it'll literally only take seconds to watch!

Laura's Quick Tips

  1. Create short videos (60 seconds or less) to extend your marketing reach

  2. Have fun with them! Make them entertaining ... and your audience will grow more quickly

  3. House them on YouTube and be sure to tag them with keywords for Google Search

Find them all under the MOMisms playlist on my YouTube channel.

Want help developing your on-camera confidence?

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I'm Laura Doman, a former tech industry sales executive, hands-on mom, voice & TV/film actress, and improv performer. I create memorable characters that tell my client's stories, from the friendly CEO touting new upgrades to your sassy best gal pal dispensing some necessary, real-world advice...Let's Talk!


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