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Voice Over Training, Coaching, and Conferences

In Person and Online Options to Learn Voice Acting

We are all in luck! Once upon a time, not so many years ago, it was difficult to find qualified voiceover training from experienced pros. Nowadays, options abound, especially from online resources like dedicated voiceover websites, podcasts, and videos that are hosted from around the world. Personal coaching, too, is easily available with connectivity tools like Source Connect, ipDTL, and even Skype, Zoom, and FaceTime.

In person classes are offered in many major cities by recording studios or acting academies. I received my first training from the Atlanta Voiceover Studio, and appreciate the opportunity to discover early on what it's like to work in a professional recording space with a coach and audio engineer to guide those early efforts. Others have gone in person to the homes or studios of individual coaches for one-on-one coaching and demo production. Both are great choices, especially if you prefer dealing with a human being face-to-face, at least at the beginning of your training.

But for many aspiring voice actors in more remote areas or in towns without those options, and even for experienced professionals who want to learn from VO stars from around the world, the internet is the place to go. I have compiled - and will continue to add to - a list of training resources for those wishing to learn online. I'm also including some studios I'm familiar with that also offer in-person training. I'm not, however, listing individual coaches who only work one-on-one or voice actors who offer regular communications via newsletters.

In-person training studios offering online instruction, too

  1. Atlanta Voiceover Studio, in Atlanta

  2. Edge Studio, with locations in New York, Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Atlanta

  3. The Actors Studio, in Las Vegas

Online resources

  1. Gravy for the Brain,

  2. VoiceOverXtra,

  3. Global Voice Academy,

  4. The VO Dojo,

  5. Introduction to Voiceover by Rhonda Phillips,

  6. Work from Home Doing Voiceovers by Julie Eickhoff,

  7. The Voiceover Collective,

  8. Home Voice Over Studio with Dan Lenard,

Free weekly videos and podcasts

  1. VO Boss podcast with Anne Ganguzza,

  2. The Everyday Entrepreneur with Marc Scott,

  3. VO Buzz Weekly videos with Chuck Duran & Stacey Aswad,

  4. VO Body Shop with Dan Lenard & George Whittam,

  5. Stories From the VO Booth,

  6. George the Tech,

Voice Over Conferences

  1. VO Atlanta, huge conference held in the spring in Atlanta,

  2. WoVoCon, hosted by World-Voices organization in the fall in Las Vegas,

  3. MAVO, Mid-Atlantic conference held in the fall in Herndon, Virginia,

  4. SOVAS, Society of Voice Arts & Sciences held in the fall in Los Angeles,

  5. VO Mastery, held in the fall in California,

  6. One Voice, held in the spring in the UK and in the summer in Dallas, TX,

I also recommend Marc Cashman's book "V-Oh! Tips, Tricks, Tools and Techniques to Start and Sustain Your Voiceover Career," an easy-to-read guide that will help you get started on the right foot and avoid many common missteps along the way.

Now that you know where to find some great training options, have you considered the other aspects for managing a successful voiceover career? Check out this list of questions to see what you can expect.


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