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Treating Each Customer Like Gold

Customer Service the Way the Customer Wants It

I credit the IBM sales training program for ingraining within me the essentials for properly running a good business. Top of the list: treating each customer like gold.

A healthy growing business treats both prospective clients and current customers alike in this respect. And caring about them and providing excellent service are demonstrated in so many ways.


First and foremost, listen to their “pain point” before offering a solution. Discover the obstacle(s) in their business, whether it’s a need to reach new buyers for their products via social media or a different marketing approach to appeal to new generational tastes.


Respond quickly and completely to requests for information or a sample of work. The business-minded voice talent does so with fast turnaround service (24 hours or less) and provides a short (30 seconds or so) customized demo of the client’s script.


Ensure clear, concise communications regarding expectations and deliverables at every stage of the project, so that everyone is on the same page. As I observed many times in the high tech industry, it’s easy to make changes at the beginning of the project. It becomes increasingly difficult and expensive to alter course as the project progresses. The last thing anyone wants is an unpleasant and totally preventable surprise down the road.

Do the Job Right the First Time

All of these add up to the desired end result: doing the job right the first time. Yes, Murphy is alive and kicking, and the unexpected can always come calling. But with clear communications, responsiveness, and working with the client to solve the immediate problem, chances are high for delivering a high quality voice over that meets – or exceeds! - customer expectations.

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